Comparing Our Best Canon Copiers

At CopyFaxes we aim to give you the best experience with top notch service. We know how difficult it is to decide which copier will be most suited for you so we have taken 2 of our popular Canon copiers and compared them.

Take a look at this table and see which one will be best for you.

Canon ImageClass D1350 MultiFunction Copier Canon ImageClass MF4880DW MultiFunction Copier
Intended Use Small Business Home and Small Office
Printer Type Black and White Laser Black and White Laser
Print Speed 35 ppm 26 ppm
Maximum Monthly Duty Cycle 20,000 pages 10,000 pages
Maximum Output Capacity 150 sheets 100 sheets
Print Resolution 600 x 600 dpi 600 x 600 dpi
Memory 128 MB 128 MB
Media Sizes LetterLegal












Media Types Plain PaperHeavy Paper

Bond Paper


Small Documents (i.e. Index Card)

Plain PaperHeavy Paper





ADF Feeder Capacity 50 pages 35 pages
Price $419 $199


Visit CopyFaxes to order the Canon ImageClass D1350 MultiFunction Copier or Canon ImageClass MF4880DW MultiFunction Copier.

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8 Serious Security Threats Your Copier Poses To Your Business

Bet you never thought twice about the many documents that you are sending to your office machine every day. Well, in a recent blog post, we alerted our readers to the fact that your copier is actually storing every document that it processes on a hard drive. This obviously poses a great security risk to your business, as all your confidential information can be accessed by malicious parties.

But that’s not it. Because today’s office machines operate almost like a computer with features such as data storage, operating systems, CPUs and, in particular, networking, they are vulnerable to a host of other security risks too:

Default Passwords: A default password for all administrative accounts means that everyone has access to everything. Using the same standard password on your copier means that all stored data is available to view and configure, both locally and remotely.

Unencrypted Data: Every document that is scanned, copied, printed or faxed is stored on the hard drive of your machine and is therefore vulnerable to be captured. All sensitive paperwork that is not encrypted can be accessed and exploited.

Outdated Operating Systems: As with any computing device, if the software is not updated regularly, it is possible for others to take control of the device remotely and access the stored data on your machine.

Maintenance Personnel: Be aware that every time your machine is serviced, you are giving access to those working on your machine.

Disposing Of Your Machine: Whether you sell on your device, or you send it for refurbishing or warehousing, all the data stored on the hard drive of your copier remains accessible for use and exploitation.

If these don’t scare you, read on to see how your machine can be made unavailable to you if you do not take the necessary precautions:

Unauthorized Use: If not configured properly, your office machine will process any job that is submitted to it, regardless of the origin or lack of authorization. This can result in a waste of paper, toner and ink.

Denial Of Service (DoS): Without proper protection, your office machine is vulnerable to a DoS attack – a malicious attempt to make your device unavailable to you.

Alteration Of Passwords Or Settings: If an unauthorized user accesses your machine and alters the passwords, you will be blocked from using your own device.

Security breaches are expensive in regard to both business finances and reputation. It is your responsibility to ensure that your machine is not compromised in any way.

Want to learn how? Stay tuned for our blog post on how to protect your copier.

How To Keep Your Copier Clean

After investing in a new, expensive copier, you may think you don’t need to think about it for a few years at least. But if you want to keep your copier up and running with as few jams as possible, you’ll want to invest a bit of time every so often in keeping your copier clean.

Follow these simple steps that will take little time and make a big difference.

Untitled Infographic (3)Not only will you benefit from a copier that’s running smoothly to keep up with your workflow, you’ll also be saving big bucks on maintenance costs. It’s worth it.


Save Your Copier From Abuse

You’ve invested in a new copier and you don’t want to have to replace it as quickly as you had to last time! But it’s out of your control! So many other people use the copier, how can you make sure they look after it the way they should?

See if this works! Print out the infograph below and hang it near the copier where it won’t be missed by anyone who uses the copier. There’s nothing too complicated or timely on it, but small things that will make all the difference. And, hey, maybe there’s something even you never knew was detrimental to the life of your copier.

Before You Copy...
Keep us posted if your copier is being better looked after than before!

Never Buy The Canon 2525…

… a second time because your first will no doubt last a lifetime!!

Deciding on a Canon Image Runner is always a good choice. They are famous for their extraordinary standards of quality, security, and performance. With a Canon Image Runner around, your organization will be raised to a completely new level.

canon 2525The Canon 2525 copies and prints in black-and-white at fast speeds of 25 ppm. It scans in color at up to 25 images per minute with a scanning resolution of 600×600 dpi.  It also has a fax option if you need it. You can choose from the large choice of finishing and sending options, to add just the ones you require. With its standard duplexing, you can print either single or double-sided. A large maximum paper capacity of up to 2300 sheets allows for plenty time before paper needs to be refilled.

This powerful, monochrome multifunction device will not let you down.  Packed with its many wonderful features, the Canon IR 2525 will add that finishing touch your office is waiting for. It will become such a vital part of your workplace that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. You can configure this Image Runner to suit your exact needs. You’ll immediately be attracted by its compact, sleek design. Its performance will save you time and money. With this reliable machine, you can rest assured that all your tasks will be taken care of.

Read in detail all about it here…

A Copier Guide? What’s that??

By now, you may have come to terms with the fact that you have no clue how to choose the new office machine you so desperately need. You’ve browsed the web, spoken to a few know-it-alls, but to no avail. What on earth is the duty cycle? And how do you know how to work out what volume you need??

You may want to check out our Specs for Dummies to help you out. But if you’re still at a loss, you’re in luck. Your answers are on the way, in the Copier Guide by CopyFaxes, soon to be released.

What’s that you want to know..??

Here you go!

What's In A Copier Guide

Why You Need A Copier Guide

Buying a new piece of office equipment can be a daunting task for many. The expense involved, coupled with the fear of making a choice you will regret, cause many to dread the day their copier or printer emits its last.

Find out how a Copier Guide can help you in this slideshow.

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Stay posted to be in the know when the Copier Guide by CopyFaxes is released!

Prevent Paper Jams – Top Tips for Paper Storage and Handling

printer paperLooking after your printer or copier also means caring for the paper you feed into it. Preventing jams and damage to your office machine begins well before you hit the green button; it starts before you even load the paper into the input tray. Follow the tips here for the correct way to purchase, store and load your office paper and save yourself headache and hassle with your new office machine as well.

• The #1 biggest enemy to your paper is damp, humid or moist conditions. Make sure the packets arrive completely sealed, and they stay in this condition till as close as possible to time of use. Once the packet is opened ensure the humidity of the environment will not damage the paper. (If you live in a humid climate, leave paper in the tray for only a few hours at a time and store the paper in a sealed plastic bag when it’s not being used)

• Using quality paper will also enable a smoother and less problematic printing experience. High quality paper will have some grain to it, so that’s not completely smooth to the touch. This allows the copier or printer to hold onto the paper properly and send it through the machine without “losing its grip”. Generally, the heavier the paper weight, the more grain it will have. Use a minimum of 20lbs paper weight in any copier or inkjet printer and 24lbs. in a laser printer.

• Paper should be stored entirely flat and free from any risk of getting wrinkled, warped, or curled. Papers in such conditions are a recipe for causing paper jams in the machine.

• Paper straight out the packet might be slightly stuck to one another as a result of the pressure and compression during manufacture when cutting and stacking the sheaf. Make sure the stack of papers you load into the tray are not stuck by loosening the sheets by fanning them or roll the stack gently, diagonally, in opposite directions.

• Paper should be placed in the same room as the copy machine at least 24 hours before its use in the machine. This will allow the paper to acclimate to the temperature and humidity of the environment and will help it to perform better.

Pull the tray completely out of the machine when loading the paper and make sure that any sliders are aligned properly to fit the size of the paper you are using. Don’t overload the tray with more papers than the specified capacity.