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the shredder


Looks like this guy needs to check out our Copier-Corner Blog to learn a thing or two!


  1. Lisbeth says

    OMG!!!! The same thing happened to me I had two printouts in my hand, one for copying and one for shredding and I accidentally fed the wrong one to the shredder! Lucky I had a back-up 🙂
    Would love to up-date my shredder for a newer model but don’t really know where to start can you help? I know that different cuts indicate higher and lower security but thats all really.

    • copiercorner says

      Lisbeth, the main thing you’ll be looking for is, as you said, the security level. Other important features include how many sheets you can feed through at once, and the volume of the waste-bin. Your best bet is to call in on 888-298-3095. The sale reps will help you out. Good luck!

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