Do You Really Need An Encryption System?

When buying a new business system for your office, there is an overwhelming number of options that can be added to your machine.

Some are like the auto document feeder, an obvious addition that will save your office time and money. Others are vital to some but useless to others, depending on your line of business. A good example would be the booklet finisher.

And then there are those that should be a basic requirement in every office but are not, often to keep the cost of the copier down. In case you missed it, see this news story from CBS – and get an encryption system for your office copier NOW. Its well worth the money.

Shocked? Yes – EVERY copier needs an encryption system. Call 888-298-3095 and speak to one of our reps to find out how you can secure your copier now.


Paper Jam – The Real Story


You know the story already. You are in a rush. You need to use the copier. You take extra care so that nothing will go wrong. You hit the start button. PAPER JAM!

Here is what is really going on inside that copier while you tear your hair out.

paper jam