8 Reasons To Buy, Not Lease, Your Office Equipment


Every business needs to make the difficult decision at one point – do you buy your office equipment, or is it better to lease? Well here is why you are better off buying what you need:

1. Cost – The number one advantage to buying over leasing is the price. In the long run, it works out way cheaper to buy equipment than to lease it. Though it does mean an initial layout of a potentially large sum, rather than smaller monthly installments, you will save money when you choose to buy.

2. Interest – Most leasing companies include a very high interest rate in their price. When you choose to buy, you can purchase using a credit card, then it becomes your choice how much interest to pay each month and you can fluctuate it according to your income each month.

3. Tax – When you buy office equipment, you can deduct the entire cost of the equipment from your taxes in the first year.

4. Simplicity – It is a lot easier to buy – you pick what you need, buy it and it’s yours to use. Leasing can be complicated with endless paperwork and difficult terms to negotiate, which, if not done properly, can leave you with less than favorable terms.

5. Unwanted – When leasing equipment, you may be forced to pay for and store equipment that you no longer want or need until the lease is up. When you buy and own your machine, you can choose to get rid of the equipment when you no longer need it.

6. Maintenance – As the owner of your machine, you get to decide how much to invest in the maintenance of it. On the other hand, most leasing companies demand a certain investment on your part in the maintenance of a machine that is not even yours. In addition, you are forced to rely on the agreement of the leasing company and the wait times involved when something needs repairing, as opposed to fixing it immediately yourself.

7. Choice – When you buy, there is a whole market of machines to choose from. You are not limited to the stock of the leasing company.

8. Equity – At the end of the day, you own the equipment! This means you can make any changes you want to the machine. And more importantly, when you want to replace the machine, you have the choice to sell it and make some money back. When you lease, you have no equity at all so there is no chance to recover any of the costs.

Every company has different needs to consider. But do keep these points in mind when making this all important decision, so that you make the choice that is right for you.

The Zuta Pocket Printer


If everything else in the office world has gone mobile, allowing you to leave the office while still staying fully connected by doing work on the go, why shouldn’t it be topped off with a printing solution on the go too? This solution has finally arrived…with the invention of the Zuta Pocket Printer.

The idea of this printer is to bring an end to people working outside their home or office struggling to find a place to print. This mobile printer is fun and easy to use, can be taken anywhere and prints from any device onto any sized page. It has a rechargeable battery with an on/off switch and connects directly to smartphones and PCs.

It is not intended to take over the role of regular printers, but just to supplement them with a device that can very easily be taken along with you wherever you go. It’s therefore not intended for printing large amounts of work, just minimal amounts that are needed whilst in transit.


A regular printer is made up of a print-head that runs left and right on a moving piece of paper. This printer has gotten rid of the entire device, and just placed the print-head onto a set of small wheels, with which it runs across a piece of paper. This allows the printer to be as small as possible.

The USB connection for battery charging is located on the bottom of the device. The inkjet for this printer lasts for over 1,000 printed pages and the battery lasts for over one hour per full-charge.

The final version of the printer is intended to be tear-dropped shape, measuring less than 4 inches high, 4.5 inches in diameter and weigh a little more than half a pound. It should be able to produce an A4 page of gray scale text or images in 45 seconds.  A later version of the Zuta Pocket Printer will hopefully have Wi-Fi capability, color printing and the ability to print on more materials than just paper. Pricing for the printer should be approximately $250.

So keep on the lookout – this printer should be available for purchase real soon…