The Worst Printer Advice You’ve Ever Heard

Though your printer may frustrate you at times, (usually the time you need it to work most), here are some tips that are simply untrue.

1. Print Preview is a waste of time – not quite. Print Preview will save you both paper and ink by showing you your document before it goes to the printer. You will spot anything you don’t like on the screen, instead of wasting paper by printing it, then making changes and having to re-print.

2. Paper jammed? Just force it back out the way it went in. Well only if you want to cause lasting damage to your printer. Frustrating as it may be, you will have to patiently remove the paper in the the correct way. First, switch off the power. Next, gently pull the paper out in the direction of the paper path.

3. You printer is a great storage dump. Find some place else to store all that junk. Piling up your printer with papers and other stuff will ruin your printer.

blog14. Printer not doing what you want it to? Grab a bat and let out all your frustration on that annoying printer. That may feel good at the time – but you will be much better off pulling out your printer manual and following instructions on how to best deal with your printer – without damaging it.

5. You can buy the cheapest paper – it makes no difference. If you care about how your printed documents look, you will need to invest in brighter, whiter paper. This will make your docs look more crisp and vibrant. Paper quality will make an even bigger difference when using an inkjet printer. It will determine how much ink gets absorbed into the paper and also if the ink stays put.

6. Don’t waste money on a maintenance kit. Spending small money on a maintenance kit to replace worn out parts on your printer, can potentially save you buying a whole new printer. Worn out rollers can be the main cause of paper jams. A simple replacement is all you need to get things running smoothly again.

Do you have any more pieces of advice that you wish would never have been shared? We would love to hear them. Share with us in the comments below.

Here’s to long life for your printer!