7 Quick Tips About Printers

Anyone in an office can tell you that you need all the tips you can get when it comes to dealing with a temperamental printer. Here are 7 quick tips and a bonus 8th one if all else fails:

1. Save Paper

Before printing your documents, preview and proofread them. This way, you save on both paper and re-printing.

2. Save Space

Save precious office space by buying a machine with networking capabilities that will allow multiple users to use one printer.

3. Smears

Prevent smearing by removing the cartridge and checking that the protective tape over the nozzles is removed completely.

4. Sorting

Some programs offer printing in reverse order for those inkjets that don’t have a reverse print feature in the driver.

5. Save Memory

You can save memory on your PC by picking just the software you want to install.

6. Settings Surprises

Check the settings after installing a printer, so you won’t be surprised by what happens (or doesn’t happen) the first time you try to print.

7. Solo Cartridge

Many (but, unfortunately, not all) printer drivers include an option to print using black only, so that when you are out of color, you can still use your printer. Others include equivalent options to override the refusal to print.

And now for a bonus tip, the best you will ever get!

8. Start Again

Press the “RESET” button!