Buy A New Printer – Without Breaking the Bank

breaking the bank 2

When buying a new printer, you will want to make an economical choice. Here are some tips to help you save money in the right places, so that you compromise only on price and not on quality:

  • Consider Supply Costs: When you are shopping for your printer, make sure to consider the supply costs in addition to the cost of the actual machine. A bargain priced printer may not be such a bargain in the long term when you take into account the high toner costs.
  • Separate Color Cartridges: It may be more economical to purchase a printer with separate cartridges for each color. This way, you only have to replace the one that runs out.
  • Know Your Print Volume: You want to determine your monthly print volume before you purchase a new printer. If you only print 1000 pages a month, you don’t need a printer with a 10,000 page monthly duty cycle.
  • All-in-One Solutions: Look at an all-in-one solution to cut down on space, energy, as well as supply costs. You don’t need to have multiple office machines anymore. Consider a multifunction machine that will copy, print, scan and fax, with the footprint and maintenance cost of only one machine.
  • Energy-Star: Look for an Energy Star Label. In order to qualify for this, a printer must use very little power while inactive, thereby saving on electricity.

Keep these points in mind when choosing your printer so that you make a productive and truly economical choice. Once you have your new printer, you will need to maintain and upkeep it properly to extend its life. Look out for our tips on how to keep the maintenance costs down without compromising your printer.

The MFP Printer Versus The MFP Copier

What is the difference between a Multifunction Printer and a Multifunction Copier? If this question is bugging you, then join hundreds of other people who want to know what the difference is between a Printer that can print, copy and scan and a Copier that can copy, print and scan!

In the past, printers and copiers were produced using different technology and had different functions, but today, that distinction has faded and many of the features are ideally the same. Two products which seem to offer the same features may be based on an entirely different line depending on whether they are a copier or a printer.

The multi function printer is growing in popularity especially in the print speed range of 40 to 50 pages per minute. The acquisition cost of a Multifunction printer will generally cost less than a Copier with similar features. Additionally, printers do not require as much scheduled maintenance which means less commitment to expensive service plans.

On the other side of the equation, the multifunction printers can often only handle scanning and output printing up to legal-size (A4) and not ledger size (A3), and will also have less robust finishing options. More importantly, although the initial cost of the printer based MFP may be lower than the copier based MFP, the running cost of the supplies and the print cost per page is higher due to the fact that printer toners and drums are less cost effective when it comes to huge amounts of printing.

Therefore, the right choice for you will ultimately depend on your monthly usage needs. The heavier user will be better off with a copier based MFP. Although the initial outlay and service charges may seem costly, the number of pages you will be able to print in the bigger picture will justify the price. The lighter user will benefit from the print speed and multiple functions of the printer based MFP and the toner output will be well sufficient for their needs.